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Procare Health Training Academy’s short courses are open to healthcare professionals and facilities who wish to upskill and promote their own employment opportunities within the healthcare sector.

The quality of our care is determined by the quality of our staff

Procare Health Training Academy was instituted in an answer to address skill shortages among newly appointed nursing staff in the healthcare environment. Our development programme is professional, continuous, and extensive, and proven successful in developing the competency and experience to deliver confident, capable healthcare staff to our clients in the healthcare sector.

We facilitate lifelong learning, enhancing patient care and its outcomes; thereby adding true value to our clients, healthcare users and the employees who render the health care services.

Upskill with Procare Health Training Academy

Our small but dynamic team of specialists are passionate about training and upskilling healthcare staff, so we offer nurses and other healthcare staff lifelong learning opportunities through accredited and non-accredited courses at the Procare Health Training Academy. In so doing, we enhance the quality of care rendered to the patient and, because we are constantly upskilling our own staff, we also offer added value to our clients.

Procare Health Training Academy Accredited Courses

Health Promotion Officer: NQF Level 3 (Credits 163)

Health Promotion Officer: NQF Level 3 (Credits 163) – QCTO Accredited. Development Quality Partner – HWSETA

This qualification replaces:

  • ID 64749 – National Certificate: Community Health Work NQF Level 2

  • ID 64749 – National Certificate: Community Health Work NQF Level 3

Duration: This is a one-year qualification comprising knowledge subjects, practical skills modules and work experience modules.


  • The learner must be adequately mobile to execute the work within a community

  • Adequate visual and hearing capacity to master the skills as described in the curriculum document


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to:

  • Carry out basic assessments of communities, households, groups and individuals

  • Provide basic health education and referrals for a wide range of services

  • Support and assist in navigating the health and social services

  • Recipients of this qualification will be able to:

  • Conduct assessments of the social, physical and economic dynamics in communities

  • Conduct household assessments and identify those at risk of health-related issues including impairments in health

  • Provide information, education and support for healthy behaviours and appropriate home care

  • Provide psychosocial support

  • Identify and manage minor health problems


NQF Level 1 or equivalent competences in Mathematical Literacy and Communications

This qualification will allow you to move vertically to a:

  • Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work at NQF Level 5

  • Further Education & Training Certificate: Community Health Work at NQF Level 4

  • Home-based Care Course – non-accredited


Duration: 3months

  • Assess the client’s situation and assist and support both the client and family to manage home-based health care.

  • An attendance certificate will be issued on completion of the course.


  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of disease and disability

  • Assist in the management of the client’s condition and treatment

  • Assist with mobility and the prevention of complications

  • Identify when to refer the client or family


  • Reading, writing and communication skills : Communication at NFQ Level 1

  • Mathematical literacy at NQF L 1


  • Members from marginalised communities

  • Home Makers to be trained in Caregiver duties

  • Employees in Old Age Homes / Care Centres

  • Community Health Workers (Ancillary Health Workers)

  • Community volunteers

Procare Health Training Academy Short Courses

The following training programmes are offered by Procare and vary between branches.

CPR is for everyone
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