Procare delivers professional temporary and permanent outsourced employment solutions in the healthcare sector to retirement villages, private clients and hospitals across South Africa.

Innovative employment solutions when you need it most

Procare’s Temporary Employment Service offers clients a professional and innovative employment service solution for all their temporary staffing needs. The healthcare staff on our extensive database encompass the skillsets and experience that are required to render outstanding, quality patient care. Our clients are provided with knowledgeable staff who are motivated and have a positive attitude towards their job and whom have been selected based on the company’s recruitment- and selection policy.

The nursing staff at Procare Temporary Employment Service come from diverse disciplines and categories to fulfil the varying, flexible operational needs of our clients.

All our Procare Temporary Employment Service staff are registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) and fall under the following categories:

  • Registered professional nurses

  • Registered midwives

  • Enrolled nurses

  • Enrolled nurse assistants


Care workers, who render services mainly in the retirement- and frail care industry, are not registered with SANC but work under the supervision of registered nursing staff when placed in healthcare facilities.


Procare Temporary Employment Service partners with a recruitment agent who is equipped to fill permanent vacancies of any nature. Upon request, we can assist our clients in obtaining the services of other categories of personnel, e.g. porters, kitchen staff, cleaners and other members of the multidisciplinary team.

Contact our team of experts to assess your organisation’s temporary employment service needs and engage the services of our staff offering.

Can I register with Procare if I am employed on a full-time basis?

Yes you can

Do the rates at the health care institutions differ?

Yes the rates differ among institutions.

Can you supply me with a payslip?

Yes we are able to send you monthly payslips.You are more than welcome to retreive them via the following options: 1. E-mail 2. Fax 3. Collect your payslip from our Head Office or a Procare Health office closest to you.

May I as the employee change my banking or any other required details telephonically?

No, All changes with regards to banking or any other details must be done via: 1. E-mail 2. Fax 3. Or you can change your details at your nearest Procare Health branch by filling in the required form. Procare Health requires all change of details to be in writing in order for us to keep it on record for future referances.

What time will I receive my payment?

The payment will depend on the contract signed with every Client ie: Wednesday or Friday and the payments will be made during working hours up until 15H30.

Why is the amount of tax deduction so high if I work 5 or more shifts?

The higher your income amount before deductions, the higher your tax amount to be deducted according to the SARS tax tables.

Do I need to send my SANC Receipt every year?

Yes, you need to send it every year by latest January in order for us to verify if you are still registered on the South African Nursing Council Database. As per the South African Nursing Council's procedures it is your responsibility to renew your registration of SANC every year.

Do I need Professional Indemnity Cover?

Yes. Professional Indemnity Cover is required when working in any Healthcare institution. It is very important to have cover against Occupational HIV; Medical Malpractice and Public Liability.

When can I write the screening test?

You can contact our office number on (012) 361-8628 and add your name to our SMS list. You will then receive a SMS as soon as there is a day available for the screening test.

What happens after the screening test?

If you passed your screening test with a result of 75% or more, you will qualify for our Interview and Orientation. After the Interview and Orientation, you have completed our process and we will then start placing you at available Clients where staff is required.

When can I come for Orientation?

Each applicant requires to write and pass a screening test in order for the Orientaion to be arranged.

How do I register with Procare?

Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse – you need to have 2 years working experience.

Enrolled Nurse Assistant and Careworker - need 1 year working experience.

When you meet the above requirements, send an up to date CV (please view our Facebook page for the correct template)

After we received your CV we will reply with the outcome. Depending on the outcome you will be booked for a screening test day which consists of screening test, interview and company orientation.

Please note that you must pass the test and interview to proceed with registration.

After your interview should you need additional courses as per hospital requirement, we will book you for the next available date.

Do I need to study for the test?

No. The test consists of general knowledge based on daily responsibilities.

What is the procedure for placement at your facilities?

It’s important that you make sure we have your updated contact details. Contact your local branch weekly to let them know when you’re available. We will do our best to allocate you to hospitals that are close to where you live or on your transport route. The more flexible you are in terms of where and when you want to work, the easier it will be for us to place you.

How do I receive holiday and weekend pay as a temporary employee?

Holiday payments are made according to labour law – A Saturday night is paid as a 1.5 shift. Sunday day is paid as a 1.5 shift. The night before the holiday is paid as a double shift and the day on the holiday is paid as a double shift.

What deductions are taken from my salary?

Tax will be deducted according to the weekly or monthly tax tables (as chosen on application form by you) provided by SARS. Your total amount of shifts is calculated before deductions. These tax tables are available on https://www.sars.gov.za/Tax-Rates/Employers/Pages/Tax-Deduction-Tables.aspx

UIF calculated as 1% on your total amount of shifts before deductions.

R7.00 admin fee.

Why do you deduct UIF?

It is required by the Labour law act. You will be able to receive a UI19 form from Procare for the following terminations:

Your family will be able to claim if you are deceased.

Your contract expired.

Maternity leave.

When you get medically boarded and can no longer work.