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Outstanding Outsourcing

The quality of a retirement community is measured by its care, and the quality of care is often determined by the quality of the staff. So, whether you’re looking to hire permanent or temporary nursing staff or to upskill your employees, Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd. is your go-to, one-stop solution..

Who we are?

Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd. is an affiliated company of Procare Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Our head office – situated in Lynnwood, Pretoria – renders services to the rest of the Gauteng province. Further branches are based in Polokwane (Limpopo) and Somerset West (Western Cape), with a satellite office in Helderberg Village (Somerset West). Our core management team has had 60 years’ collective experience in the industry, with a true and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the current challenges related to changes in labour legislation amid the global shortage of nurses.


What we do?

Procare is a professional nursing and staffing solutions provider to clients in both the private and public healthcare sectors. Our flexible and individually tailored operational and staffing solutions include outsourcing of nursing and care staff, a home-based care agency, a training academy, and a nursing and caring management consultancy service.

• Our nursing agency recruits and places registered nursing staff and care workers as either a temporary solution or an outsourced, permanent solution in institutions, including but not limited to retirement estates and hospitals. We have a comprehensive database of healthcare staff with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required to render quality patient care.

• The company also provides home-based care services as an alternative to institutionalised care. Our care workers are handpicked and trained to care for clients in the comfort of their private homes using a person-centred approach. This service is growing in popularity as the preferred form of care for dependent loved ones. Our home-based care clients range from very sick and frail persons and children living with disability to people who are still physically capable but lonely and grieving, or perhaps just temporarily sick or injured.

• We also offer a management consultancy service for organisations that are considering outsourcing their healthcare staff. We will do an initial assessment of the existing staff, offer upskilling and training if necessary, and assist the client in all the administrative tasks necessary for changing from an in-house to an outsourced model. And from then on we will handle everything.

• Our small but dynamic team of specialists are passionate about training and upskilling healthcare staff generally, so we offer nurses and other healthcare staff lifelong learning opportunities by offering accredited and non-accredited courses at the Procare Health Training Academy. In so doing, we enhance the quality of care rendered to the patient and, because we are constantly upskilling our own staff, we also offer added value to our clients.

Procare recently assisted Palm Garden Retreat, which offers luxury boutique retirement living in Sea Point, in restructuring and outsourcing their healthcare staff. ‘They were amazing,’ says Gail Buechel, CEO. ‘They did all the necessary upskilling and streamlined processes, and are now handling the quality management system and all HR functions.’

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