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Procare Outsourcing is a management consultancy service that is offered to organisations that wish to outsource their healthcare staff on a permanent basis.

We take care of your organisational HR and staffing needs so that you don’t have to.

Procare’s Outsourcing service is becoming the preferred solution to staff management that benefits both our clients - healthcare institutions and retirement facilities - and their employees. Employees can expect a salary increase of up to 10.88% more per hour, while our clients, in turn, benefit from reduced leave abuse, staff shortage complications, and better-quality patient care.

Procare Outsourcing clients’ service quality is enhanced through

  • the screening of existing staff members for competency

  • the provision of Basic Life Support/CPR training

  • upskilling courses to staff

  • a clinical training specialist that is available to provide in-service training

  • a full-spectrum administrative service offering

Additional services are available upon request and can be negotiated as per the facility’s requirements.

Transfer Duties
In accordance with the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, Procare prepares and administrates the transfer agreement in terms of section 197 of the Act.
Change Management
Procare Outsourcing also supports the change management process within an organisation while transitioning from an in-house to an outsourced model. We assist our clients in all of their concluding administrative tasks, where after we will handle everything on their behalf.

Procare Outsourcing offers a full-service management bouquet

  • We supply competent and qualified nursing staff and care workers based on your requirements.

  • We create opportunities for staff to increase their competencies and develop professionally through training opportunities.

  • We ensure continuous evaluation of staff to ensure their competency and to identify training needs.

  • We provide suitably qualified employees-in-authority at the premises of the client to manage and be responsible for the delivery of all services.

  • We monitor the registration of staff members with the South African Nursing Council.

  • We investigate any breach of security, unsafe act or a breach in the Client’s policies and procedures by staff members, and take the appropriate action.

  • We ensure that staff maintain a professional image at all times.

  • We communicate current safety and security procedures to all employees and sub-contractors.

  • We prepare an annually revised Charges Schedule for negotiation with the client.

  • We provide all the necessary assistance in getting the services ready for transfer to the client or its assignee in the event of termination.

We take care of our clients’ administrative duties so that they can focus on their own clients.

  • All HR functions are managed by Procare Outsourcing (payroll, disciplinary actions, sick leave management and labour dispute management)

  • Easy replacement of problematic staff members

  • Monthly duty roster management

  • Staff coordinator on call 24 hours for staff issues

  • Easy arrangement of relieve staff or extra staff through a staff coordinator

  • No administrative tasks for the client in the organisation when staff join or leave

  • Management of staff issues and payment queries

Contact our team of experts to do an initial assessment of your organisation’s existing staff component and to advise on upskilling and training sessions.

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