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Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd is a newly established company. The management team comprises of highly skilled professionals and independent advisors who share the same passion of improving the standard of employment service delivery within the healthcare industry and the upliftment and training of its highly skilled and professional staff compliment.  The core management team has at least 60 years’ collective experience in the industry with a true and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the current challenges related to changes in labour legislation amidst the global shortage of nurses.


Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd. has two main focus areas of service delivery in the healthcare industry:

We provide healthcare personnel of various categories to our clients on a temporary or permanent basis.  Staff categories range from care workers, working mainly in retirement- and frail care facilities as well as the home based care environment, to professional nursing staff working in various private healthcare institutions and hospitals.


Furthermore, the company has identified the need to address the skill shortages in the healthcare environment by developing an extensive continuous professional development program. Short training courses have been implemented as an initiative to upskill nursing staff and facilitate lifelong learning, thereby enhancing patient care and its outcome.  

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