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Employment Practices

Declaration of employment and the impact on taxation

You will be taxed normally, on a weekly or monthly basis by your employer, according to the applicable income tax tables, issued by SARS every year in March, after the annual budget speech. If you are currently registered for income tax, you have to submit an annual tax return with SARS. It remains each staff member’s responsibility to submit your personal income tax number to the agency after registration for Personal Income Tax with SARS.

If you are currently registered for income tax, but you earn less than R 350 000 per annum, you can voluntary deregister with SARS, in order not to submit an annual tax return anymore.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Any healthcare provider, despite your rank or qualification needs to hold and maintain Professional Indemnity insurance with a provider that will cover for any alleged medical malpractice and that will indemnify the healthcare provider for any breach of professional duty or in the event where something goes wrong as a result of actual or perceived negligence or malpractice.

Professional indemnity cover is mandatory and forms part of the terms and conditions of employment through Procare Health to provide the Employer with proof of such indemnity cover membership on an annual basis. Please contact us should you require further information on the Procare Health Professional Indemnity cover product.

Professional appearance

All Procare Health staff members will be professionally dressed at all times and adhere to the Procare Health Dress Code, a navy skirt or trousers and a white (non-transparent) top or blouse. No open toe shoes, sandals or crocs-like shoes will be permitted. Personal identification in the form of a clip-on name badge and distinguishing devices as prescribed by the South African Nursing Council forms part of the professional attire.

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