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Employment Placement

Procare Health (Pty) Ltd is registered as a private company with its main business as a temporary employment service supplier in the healthcare industry. The Clients of the company comprises of various healthcare facilities in the private sector, ranging from the formal hospital environment and retirement villages to the home based care environment.

Procare Health differentiates itself from other temporary employment services in that its database consists of skilled healthcare professionals from various categories, trained in basic- and specialised disciplines with specialised skills, expertise and experience in the healthcare industry. This specialisation is based on advanced qualifications in a certain field of nursing and caring, as well as specialised skills and competencies to render an above average professional service to meet our Client’s flexible operational and staffing requirements.

Placement opportunities in Healthcare Institutions

  • Procare Health has various assignment-based Service Level Agreements with Clients where temporary employees are placed on assignments according to the Client’s requirements for temporary staff. Please contact us to obtain information regarding assignment opportunities in your area.

Placement opportunities in the Home-based care environment

  • Procare Health employees who render a service in this specialised market are carefully selected to support the development of a therapeutic relationship between the client and the care worker. This will ensure that the highest quality of healthcare is rendered in line with the client's special healthcare needs. Home based care is an alternative to institutionalized care and offers tailor-made packages in the privacy of the client’s home. Care is provided to elderly clients, frail clients, adult- and paediatric clients with special needs and clients requiring respite care.

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