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Emmanuel Verpleegskool is registered and accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), SANC and Council of Higher Education (CHE) to offer the following course(s):

Higher Certificate in Nursing (R169)

This is an entry level nursing qualification that serves to provide learners with the basic knowledge, affective, cognitive and conceptual tools and practical techniques for additional higher education studies in nursing.  The knowledge emphasizes general principles and their application in the provision of basic nursing care. 


The exit level outcomes of the programme as set out by the South African Nursing Council are:


1. Apply basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biophysics, pharmacology and microbiology in the provision of nursing care.

2. Communicate effectively in a variety of ways in a nursing context.

3. Use the scientific nursing approach to address the basic needs of individuals and groups in a various health care settings.

4. Demonstrate appropriate methods of interacting sensitively and professionally with people from diverse backgrounds.

5. Maintain professionalism in nursing practice within the ethical and legal framework.

6. Participate in addressing the needs of individuals and groups in a community.


The course consists of 120 credits of which 72 credits must be acquired in appropriate and accredited clinical facilities. 70% Of clinical acquired credits are supervised and mentored.



Access to this qualification is National Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification at exit level 4 



Communication Level

Mathematical literacy Level 4

Life Sciences Level 4

Computer Literacy Level 3


A comprehensive description of the qualification can be obtained from the South African Nursing Council page at

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