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David N


"I'm middle aged man based in the Western Cape, with a 80 year old mother who has long lived by herself in suburban Gauteng.  When her progressive (i.e. getting worse) dementia became impossible to ignore, I engaged the services of Procare.  In less than a week they assessed the situation and provide a great, trained carergiver.  It was very helpful to be able to liaise with Procare and the caregiver (via phone, email, even Skype) from across the country.   Procare's services included a qualified nursing sister to assessing the placement.  Her professional expertise meant she could anticipate challenges I had not yet even considered (e.g. managing medicines).  


Elderly people are often reluctant to give up their independence, or in denial about their diminished abilities.  Procare's staff negotiated their way around my mother's 'resistance', with great skill, compassion and gentleness.  (Sometimes better than I could - after all their relationship with her is clearer and less complicated).  An agency, such as Procare, also handles the employment relationship and responsibilities (e.g. UIF, leave, even the risk of CCMA etc). For instance, they seamlessly provided a replacement caregiver when the first went on maternity leave.  


I've no hesitation in recommending ProCare". 



Helderberg Village Retirement Estate


Dear Samantha, Sister Hester and ProCare Staff

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent service which you provided for my late father, and my mother. You have always been extremely caring, helpful and understanding and, as I live in Durban, you have given me peace of mind, knowing that you are a phone call away! ​

Thank you

Kind regards

Merilyn Watkins 


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