A holistic, multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on the whole patient and not just the ‘hole’ in the patient.


Procare’s Advanced Wound Care Service is an essential part of recovery in- and out of hospital. As every chronic illness has the potential to develop into a chronic wound, early detection and treatment, as well as follow-up care is essential in healing. We specialise in advanced wound care in chronic and acute wounds, as well as negative pressure wound therapy. The service range also includes consultation and an optimised, individual treatment plan, development for each patient by members of a multi-disciplinary team. Our range of dressing assistance is offered in-theatre, in hospital, or as an at-home service for patients who are unable to travel.  We also offer a equipped consultation room for walk-in or mobile patients. In the knowing of better and innovative means of wound care, we strive to decrease wound complications for a smooth recovery.

Dedicated service, quality materials

All of our practices are evidence-based to deliver our patients with the best possible outcomes. We use state of the art technologies and high-quality dressing materials from recognised medical suppliers.

Our Advanced Wound Care Service uses conventional dressing products and negative pressure wound therapy, in concurrence with the patient’s medical treatment plan as set out by their treating doctor.

We offer a 24-hour service. Our team of AWS experts are available for in-theatre and home visits and will assist with clients’ pre-authorisation and electronic claims from medical aid providers - to activate the release of wound care funding. Our caseworkers also act as liaisons between a treating doctor, medical funders and providers of negative pressure therapy and Vac therapy, whereby they provide the services and equipment needed for treatment.

Wound care is mostly funded from the client’s medical insurance hospital benefit, and the electronic authorisation and claims process helps to ensure that this vital day to day benefit is not depleted.

Contact our Procare Advanced Wound Care Service department for a consultation and a wound assessment, should you be uncertain of treatment options available or care needs. 

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