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Preferred Service Provider

Professional Service

Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd is a registered Temporary Employment Service Provider with its main focus to serve our clients and staff in a professional manner.

In line with our company’s values and goals, we commit our service delivery not only to meet our client’s needs, but to exceed our Client’s expectations in a professional manner. In delivering a professional service to our Clients and Employees.

Specialised Service

Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd provides our Clients with specialized services in both the formal hospital environment as well as home-based care, service to frail patients and patients with Alzheimer & Dementia.

Home Based Care gives people a beneficial alternative to Frail Care, as they can be cared for in the privacy of their own home instead of being admitted into a clinical Facility. Home based care provides the comfort of having a qualified care giver in the home, providing care as per the client’s needs. Packages can be specified according to the client’s needs, ranging from short-time Ad-Hoc contracts to a full 24-hour/day care contract.

Employment Solutions

We are committed to offer our clients an employment solution in the temporary placement of health care personnel. These staff members have been carefully recruited and selected to ensure that staff placements will add value to the clients and the recipients of healthcare and to provide the Client with piece-of-mind.

Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd holds an extensive database of various categories of nursing staff, ranging from Registered Professional Nurses, Registered Midwives, Registered Staff Nurses and Registered Auxilliary Nurses. Healthcare workers who provide a caring service in the frail care environment are subjected to the company’s recruitment and selection policy with specific reference to working experience verification in this specialized field of caring and in compliance with the Older Persons Act 13 of 2006. Procare Operations (Pty) Ltd nursing staff adhere to the company’s recruitment and selection policy with evidenced specialized knowledge and skills as well as extensive working experience in a specific field of nursing. The Company adopts a “Cut Above The Rest”– attitude and attract specialized staff to apply for employment opportunities through Procare Operations. This is evidenced in the provision of specialized quality nursing service delivery and through client satisfaction .

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