Frequently asked questions

What are the procedures to follow?

Contact your nearest branch to book an initial assessment. Fees for the initial assessment are payable on the day/ or in advance.

Upon accepting the quotation, a Service Level Agreement is signed and the first invoice is payable. Prior to commencement of service, an implementation fee is payable and the care plan is drawn up by a registered nurse. A carer is then placed with the patient.

What is the pricing structure?

There is a once off fee payable for the initial assessment and a once-off fee for implementation, which is payable with the first invoice. Home-based care packages are priced according to hours of service rendered.

Is there a deposit payable?

No deposit is payable, but service fees are payable in advance.

An amount equal to one month’s service fees is payable before commencement of service.

Is there a contract to be signed?

Yes, a contract setting out the terms and conditions of service and the duties and responsibilities must be signed before service commences.

What if I want to claim from my Medical Aid?

Procare does have a practice number and services can be claimed from the Medical Aid by the patient depending on scheme benefits.

Are there any additional costs?

Depending on the type of contract the patient has, monthly visits by a Registered Nurse may be payable. Contracts exceeding more than 45 hours of care per week do not pay additional fees for monthly visits by a registered nurse.

Are Procare Care workers supervised and monitored?

Yes, care workers complete daily activity reports that must resemble the instructions provided in the Nursing Care Plan Registered Nurses do scheduled visits to patients to monitor activity reports and to ensure that a high standard of Care is rendered.

What are the responsibilities of a care worker?

A care worker is not a medically trained person, but works under indirect supervision of a Registered Nurse.

The main duties of a care worker include:

-Promoting the physical, spiritual and social well-being of patient

-Executing the care plan

-Maintain the patient’s hygiene and nutrition

-Promoting the physical comfort, rest and sleep of the patient

-Promoting communication with the patient

Is a care worker medically qualified?

A care worker is not medically qualified but has completed a basic home caring courses and has adequate experience.

With specialised patients Enrolled Nursing Assistants (Auxiliary

Nurses) are placed with the patients to ensure a high standard of Nursing Care.

Employees are Screened for competency prior to joining Procare to ensure that care can be rendered as required.

Are care workers allowed to do housework?

Yes, care workers do light housework, such as cleaning the patients room, bathroom, kitchen and preparing meals. They do however not replace the services of a traditional domestic worker.

Is there a notice period if we want to cancel the service?

Yes, short term contracts have a 24hour cancellation period and long term contracts have a 1 month cancellation period.

In case of hospitalisation Procare must be informed immediately. Should you wish to continue with the service after discharge, Procare will require 2 (two) day notice before discharge.

Full credit will be given for the days of hospitalisation. Refunds for unused services will be done post to receipt of banking details.

Refund payment runs are done once every two months. In the case of death, Procare must be informed immediately. Service is still payable for a period of 1 (one) month from the day of death.