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Business Concept


The services of Procare focus mainly on four key objects in healthcare service delivery, namely:

  • Flexible professional staffing to hospitals (temporary placements)

  • Fixed and flexible assignments to frail care facilities and retirement villages.

  • Permanent placement recruitment

  • Home based care provision

  • Live-in and companion based care

  • Continuous Professional Development and training of nurses through attendance of various programmes and workshops.

Procare intends to positively influence the market in the hosting and presentation of Employee wellness programmes for healthcare workers, including but not limited to staff of the nursing profession. By addressing this gap in the market, it will bring about positive outcomes for all parties.


Procare differentiates itself from other temporary employment services in that its database consists out of skilled and specialised healthcare professionals and care workers with experience in the healthcare industry. Specialisation is based on advanced qualifications in a certain field of nursing and caring, as well as specialised skills and competencies to render an above average professional service to meet our client’s flexible operational and staffing requirements.


Procare will deliver a professional service by supplying specialised personnel to our Clients in the healthcare industry.  Specialised and motivated personnel will have appropriate knowledge and skills with a positive attitude towards their job.  Procare will offer our Clients innovative employment solutions through innovative strategies.


The recruitment and supply of temporary staff with specialised skills and experience to our Clients with flexible staffing needs.  We recognise the need to retain and supply staff in the scarce skills environment of the healthcare industry.  Permanent employee recruitment has successfully been executed to meet the Client’s specific needs for specialised staff.


The company’s Recruitment and Selection policy supports the business model to attract healthcare professionals and personnel with specialised skills and experience, the ongoing training of staff and to create employment for care workers. We have also established a strict screening process for our staff to identify training and skill shortfalls as early as possible. 


The company uses its own in-house and custom developed and automated system which hosts the employee database, payroll and invoicing functions.The system has the capability to electronically import employee data and shifts from the Client directly into the payroll system.Pastel is the company’s accounting system to generate client statements and management reports related to the company’s financial affairs.


Procare has a custom-developed user interphase based system.Strict Security Protocol measures is in place to secure data integrity and an in-house Information Technology Team with highly skilled members ensures full operation of the company's IT functions.


Actual data in the system is secured through encryption and users have a physical ID file with secured passwords to access actual employee data.Only selected users can create reports / export data on the system.The employee data is kept totally secure.


The system has an extensive management reporting ability to assist with human resources management, i.e. staff working hours, disciplinary and performance management reports, foreign workforce management related to valid passport and work permit status, etc.

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